Features in brief:

This testing method is very effective because the swabbing capacity of our Sand Pump is superior to that of the swab cup assembly. The sleeve bore is 82.5 mm and the effective stroke is 2.50 m. It is capable of providing a fail-safe operation at 10 strokes per minute, delivering 4800 l/h.

Compared to the 3.5" swab cups delivering up to 2500 l/h, the Sand Pump produces 2300 additional l/h. Also, at the end of the test, this operation permits releasing the anchor, tagging the bottom of the well and sucking sand up without need for another stroke.

Environmental advantages:

Swabbing with wire rope and cup assembly unavoidably contaminates the wellsite and the rig due to the fluid that is pulled from the wellbore. This makes tasks highly unsafe and increases the likelihood of injuries and fires from the sparks generated by the wire friction at the sheaves. On the other hand, swabbing with the Sand Pump assembly poses no risks because the fluid is moved inside the tubing string up to a surface line.



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