Features in brief:

Maximum working pressure ensured by a multi-ring, pressure sealing, V-Type adjustable packing.

Interior design maintains all bearings and gears under a flood of oil.

Stability and durability ensured by spherical roller bearings, main bearing and radial lower bearing.

A high-pressure gear motor drives rotating parts through a single spur gear and pinion setup.

Two extensions of the bail pins are provided for improved torque arm adjustment.

Swivel and drive easy to maintain. No special tools required.


Static Hook Capacity: 85 tons.

Dynamic Hook Capacity: 55 tons @ 100 R.P.M.

Spindle Connection: 3 1/2" API LE (RH) PIN.

Spindle bore: 2 3/4" ID.

Gooseneck Connection: 3" API Line Pipe Box.

Maximum Working Pressure : 3,000 PSI.

Washpipe Packing: Multi-Ring, Pressure Sealing.

Lubrication: Oil Bath.

Motor fluid: One gear type, 3,000 PSI continuous working pressure, 10% intermittent duty pressure to 3,500 PSI with motor speeds.

Torque arms: Two-Extension of bail pins.

Gear ratio: Single reduction of 3.62:1 with single spur gear and pinion setup.

Hydraulic connections: (quick disconnects optional) Pressure Port 1 5/16” 12 UNC‑3B Sbr.


Rated Continuous Flow & Pressure: 45 GPM @ 3,000 PSI.

Maximum Speed @ Rated Flow & Pressure: To 190 RPM.

Maximum Torque @ Rated Flow & Pressure: 5,249 lbs (Approx. 2,380 kg).




Developed by RW Red