Geosur S.R.L mills are designed to solve downhole situations where the fish requires drilling out or milling. The special features of our mills and the carefully chosen hard-facing applied to them ensure shorter milling times compared to any other similar tool in the industry. The special hard-facing treatment and the design of each type of mill enable GEOSUR S.R.L to provide the customer different options to choose the most suitable type of mill for the job.

The experience of our operators combines with the possibility to choose the best fit to reduce the time required to mill a fish. GEOSUR S.R.L provides Flat Bottom Mills, Tapered Mills with or without blades, to be used for casing sizes of 4 1/2" up to 7".

PILOT MILL:Designed for milling washpipes, safety joints, crossovers, washover shoes, etc.

FLAT BOTTOM MILL: With stabilizer to provide direction control in milling. For use in any type of milling jobs, for drillable plugs, cemented tools, packers, etc.

TAPERED MILL:A rotation tool used primarily to mill through restricted diameters like collapsed casings and liners.



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