Enables conventional circulation, rotation and suction

The CRS comprises an opening tool (point) with 2 check balls and 8 conventional circulation ports located at only 150 mm from the bottomhole.

Circulation is achieved because the tubing string is full and the piston moves down by effect of the hydrostatic head.

The minimum passage up to the check valve (check ball) is 62 mm. The minimum passage in the kelly, after the check ball, is 25 mm. The use of the check ball makes it possible to suck in downhole material, because the conventional circulation piston is kept closed by a metal-to-metal seal. Having no hydrostatic head, the string is emptied by opening the circulation sleeves above the Sand Pump, which can then be operated as a conventional tool.

Prior to suction, the upper circulation sleeve is opened to allow the fluid inside the tubing to discharge into the annular space.

When the tool is pulled out, after opening the upper sleeve, the lower sleeve is opened to empty the tubing string. Both sleeves have shear pins with different shearing pressures.


Hexagonal kelly enabling rotation and conventional circulation.

API design diameters from the circulation sleeves up to the conventional circulation end permitting overshot mandrels or washpipes to pass smoothly in fishing operations.

For tools run in with 5" or 5 " casings, design diameters are 95 mm from the first circulation sleeve up to the set sawtooth shoe.

It ensures high level of safety in wells with gas shows. In the event of a gas pocket, the hydrostatic piston moves up effecting the metal-to-metal seal.

It is especially suitable for washing frac sands or highly compacted fill material. It saves rig operation time by sparing runs in wells difficult to clean where the fill was removed with bits.

Geosur S.R.L has designed Sand Pumps for different stroke lengths providing improved cleaning efficiency. We offer Sand Pumps with 1.2 m, 2 m and 2.50 m effective strokes, offering a wider choice at the time of selecting the most appropriate tool based on the amount of fill to be washed and drawn out. We provide services in wells with 4.1/2, 5, 5.1/2 and 7 casing, run on a 2.7/8 or 3.1/2 tubing.



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